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Author: LM Penner

The 'Art' of Gifting Your Art

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Author: Leigh Penner

The 'Art' of Gifting Your Art

Well, December is here, and with it, the season of giving!

Have you ever heard the phrase, the art of gifting?  The art of gifting is the idea that part of the gift you give is the thought you put into selecting the perfect gift. Matching the gift with the recipient is the other part. To make giving an art form, you have to take the time to really know and think about the person. That implies more than simply cruising shops out of obligation hoping for inspiration.

I read about the art of giving and thought about how often I have chosen to gift varieties of my creations -- novels, candles, wall calenders, wine bottle lights, CD's of music from my band. Sometimes these gifts have been a huge hit. Other times, the people who have received them haven't really cared. As brilliant as my band CD's are, sometimes people would just rather have a new sweater or the latest John Grisham novel. 

There is a dual caution here for all artists. To us, our artwork is the most personal, most valuable gift we could offer. Giving away our art is a sacrifice and a sign of our deep love. However, any gift is only as perfect as the match made to the recipient. Some people just are never going to appreciate the value of a gift of your art. Giving it to them, no matter how pure your intentions, is a miss.

As well, your art does have value. When you give your work to a person who doesn't cherish it, you are performing a disservice to the talent you cherish and the hours you have put into developing and nurturing that talent. If you are going to gift your art, you need to be prepared for that possibility.

There will be people in your life who will cherish a piece with your signature on it. For those people, you will never find a better present. When you are considering the gifts you will give this Christmas season, just be certain you are matching the right person with a store-bought gift and the right person with an original creation. 


COVER IMAGE: Image by Ekatarina Shevchenko

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