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What Makes Art Unique

artwork authenticity of the artist bold artist purchasing art unique art vulnerability of the artist your art Nov 12, 2021

 Author: Leigh Penner

Why Purchase Art? 

It speaks to the buyer. It appeals to their senses. The skill impresses them. They relate to the story. 

What makes art contain these qualities?
The authenticity of the artist. The work must be created with skill and excellence, but arguably what elevates one piece over another is the soul which the artist infuses into the work. In other words, what makes art stand out is the artist's willingness to let their personal experiences shine through in the piece. This can require a vulnerability on the part of the artist which is not entirely comfortable.

You are what makes your art unique.
Ten people can paint the same scene, but each painting will be as different as the person holding the paintbrush in their hand. Only you experience the world through your eyes; only you can share that exact experience on your canvas.

Being a bold artist requires more than technical skill, more than a specific color palette. It takes the courage to put your personal vision out into the world. The simple truth is that sometimes your darkest moments can produce your strongest artwork. And if you find healing in that your work will be even more powerful. 


Creativity awaits!


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